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€ 179.580

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The Sidha Village in Lelystad is an ongoing project aimed at creating an influence of peace and coherence: not only for the people who live here, but for the whole of society.

It’s a unique project for the Netherlands and for Europe!

This project for peace began over 35 years ago! Quite an achievement and one we want to continue. As it is the nature of life to grow, we need to expand and update in order to continue.

Firstly we are going to build a new TM Centre to accommodate the growing number of meditators.

The designs are completed, the construction drawings have been approved by the municipality and the residents and well-wishers have already collected about 60% of the project costs. Enthusiasm all round!

And now we need your help.

With this centre we will have even more impact on collective consciousness in the Netherlands. We’re therefore appealing to all TM’ers, and their families and friends. “Let’s  contribute to this project together for a solid, positive boost for us all “. 800 people donating € 100, could start the building process immediately! We could then even welcome all our sponsors to the new TM center this year.

Please see the list of options we offer as a token of our appreciation for your donation.
Donations for this project are tax deductible within the Netherlands.

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At 90% of the target amount you will receive the reward.

Making a difference together

Meditation has an impact on the world. It creates more peace and harmony in society. The positive effects of TM on the collective consciousness form the basis of  the Sidha Village. With the new TM-center we will expand further and attract more people, and we will make a difference together.
Your contribution to this center will have an impact on society.

What's in it for you?

The location, the space and the silence make this the ideal place to meditate together on a daily basis.

There will be a separate room for giving TM instructions and personal guidance.

Meditation weekends are regularly given and includes: TM Together weekends, Retraite weekends, and WPA (World Peace Assembly) weekends.

Knowledge and experience. Experience and understanding.
Knowledge about the growth of consciousness and wisdom about life, form an important support for our meditation experience.
The meditation centre also functions as a centre, where we can share knowledge about TM, Ayurveda, Vedic architecture, Advanced Techniques and much more.

Every summer we organize a meditation week of TM related activities including a combination of yoga asanas, meditation, knowledge and….. fun! It is always a tremendous success

This TM centre in the Sidha Village will contribute to the TM community. It will attract people from all parts of the country to come together to meditate and experience the harmony created in this special environment.

At home with nature

For the construction of our new TM Centre, we will be using as many natural materials as possible. The construction and design also meet the current strict energy standards.
We are also going a step further, by applying the principles of Maharishi Vedic Architecture. That means: building “with nature”, building in accordance with fundamental laws of nature. The result being, that everyone who enters this TM Centre will naturally feel at home within themselves.

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